The auditorium chair leather fabric how to maintain?

by:HONGJI     2020-10-30
The auditorium chair in a leather material. Because they are often use or is not easy to clean, so their maintenance is a headache problem. Here, to introduce you to the following maintenance method of auditorium chair: 1, auditorium, office and other activities seat bag should be lubricated regularly with metal parts, to maintain flexible parts. 2, auditorium chair back of a chair, armrest and the gap between seat for vacuum cleaners clean up the pieces. However, when using the vacuum cleaner, do not use brush aspiration. In order to prevent the damage of the fiber cloth and fabrics of frivolous, avoid may lead to the fabric tearing of the role of the appeal, also can consider small vacuum cleaning. 3, ban cross with wet cloth and maintenance, hard material and acid, alkali and other chemical fabric contact, lest affect the surface quality and life cycle. If you open drinks or fruit juice, water from the paper towel first, and then with warm water soluble neutral detergent to wipe ( Pay attention to water penetration, to prevent the control) of sponge And then with a soft cloth to wipe, finally dry at low temperature. 4, for general use of the auditorium chairs, soft and beautiful texture can be wiped gently. If the long-term use of chairs are dirty, the best method is to use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water first 1 - 3) Wipe, and then with a deep water cloth to wipe clean fluid, finally dry. Teeth after completely dry, apply adequate amount to the maintenance agent, then wipe clean. 5, auditorium chairs, wooden materials should avoid overheating drinking, chemistry and surface damage. Don't on the wood surface color; Leather material with strong absorption capacity. It is worth noting that the anti-fouling leather and leather material special cleaning agents should be strong. 6, metal material maintenance should use soft cloth to wipe, avoid rough organic solvent ( In addition to the dyeing oil loose grease) And wet dishcloth, this is the main cause of surface scratches and rust. Dry cotton yarn or cloth, maintain its smooth and beautiful. Above is with the introduction of the auditorium chair maintenance way, hope to be of help.
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