The auditorium chair is always easy to waist ache how to do?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-14
Now understand: as the auditorium chair is used in the theatre or meeting room, auditorium chair is the quality and comfort of sitting for a long and auditorium chair person how important it is. And the comfort of auditorium chair mainly by the auditorium chair of sofa cushion to play a role, so it's also important to know how to choose and buy the sofa mat. Auditorium chair sofa cushion is not the more the better, soft tactility soft hard moderate sofa cushion can be evenly dispersed the weight of the body, strengthen the supporting capacity of the spine, have the effect of alleviate physical fatigue, and sofa cushion with good permeability is also cannot ignore, this feature can be zero sofa cushion to keep good health. Auditorium chair sofa cushion too soft easy lumbago auditorium chair, sofa cushion is too soft body centre of gravity of support is not stable, will inadvertently move body to seek new balance, so long time sitting soft sofa can let a person feel backache backache. At the same time, sitting in a soft sofa mat, spine is difficult to maintain normal physiological radian, time is long, can make the back muscles nervous, induce low back pain. Under normal circumstances, the people sat down sofa cushion 1 centimeter advisable to sag. The elderly body, bone aging than the young, more should choose hard some of the sofa. Choose a sofa cushion six tips auditorium chair seat surface and the back of a chair should be in the physiology of joint human body surface, for good, otherwise not only uncomfortable, also easy to form a poor posture. When choosing the sofa cushion, can sit through trying try to roughly calculate, specific as follows: tip 1: check the auditorium chair sitting height auditorium chair seat surface height should be equal to the height of the calf. Such as seat surface is too high, easy to make the two feet dangling, human body weight on the leg, time is long will feel sore leg and back muscles; Too low, such as seat surface bearing surface of the thigh is reduced, will also feel pain. Tip 2: the auditorium chair appropriate to the width of the single auditorium chair should not be less than 48 cm, the width of double auditorium chair should be above 95 cm, three people auditorium chair should be in 140, Between 145 cm. Tip 3: low backrest auditorium chair more comfortable auditorium chair now have a lot of people like to use high adjusters, in fact this is not science. Because the shoulder against the high back, waist, back and back of a chair can't stick close to the body and the contact area of sofa instead of less. In this way, waist, back is not rely on, in a short period of time can produce fatigue. Auditorium chair backrest height refers to the back on to the back and seat surface intersection line along the middle of a vertical intervals. According to the design and use of the function of the auditorium chair, auditorium chair back of a chair has three types: low back of a chair, in the back of a chair or a high chair. Provide the waist support, the lower back of a chair, height is not higher than sitting under the shoulder blade Angle, in order to make sure the upper arm can be flexibly activity; In the back of a chair with the waist and back support, height is not higher than cervical point, to ensure that the head can be flexibly rotation. By providing high waist, back and head and neck support. Tip 4: check sit on sofa cushions, deep with knee pad here still advisable. Tip 5: according to different types of people, choose sofa cushion will have different focus on the elderly to choose the auditorium chair sofa cushion, seat surface height wants moderate, if too low, isn't very convenient for sit, stand up; Young couples should consider when buying a sofa cushion the future child postnatal security, sofa cushion cannot have sharp edges, lively style should be some, some colors should be bright. Tip 6: check the sofa cushion and backrest Angle, feel the waist not hung up when the most appropriate if the auditorium chair sofa cushion left and back Angle is too large, will soon feel sore neck. Can observe the waist and sofa when try to sit if there is a gap, such as the waist and seat surface can be inserted into the one hand, shows the auditorium chair Angle is not appropriate.
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