The auditorium chair installation steps

by:HONGJI     2020-11-15
Auditorium chair selected considering the field arrangement is the most critical design and assembly, especially the auditorium chair and assembly place. That how to effectively to the layout design in chair security field assembly? Auditorium chair is usually fixed assembly in a theatre or at the great hall of the, so make sure the assembly place relative rules. Basic information: theater floor plan, elevation and ground raw materials situation, position, etc. , according to need rules are as follows: 1, theater graphic design: based on the graphic design area, we are able to master got to the theatre, and performance stage, corridor and the door stair arrangement situation and the actual size, to take the floor plan layout provides the basis for the auditorium chair. 2, theater elevation: can take the theater stair arrangement, divide and the inclination Angle of the ground and floor etc. 3, ground raw materials: confirm the auditorium chair fixed assembly method and USES the way of tightening bolts, based on the material difference of lower-level bolts using difference stationary stand feet. ( 1) The thick wood floor surface, thickness of stationary with wood screws. ( 2) Metal material floor, using the extra strong tapping self drilling screws. ( 3) Cement foundation ( Contains surface composite solid wood floor, tile, blanket) The ground, use plastic expand screw ( Also known as the bolt, alias: explosion screw) 。 Plastic expansion screws have two kinds: 1, steel aspect core bolt; Application and hard solid, solid foundation of cement. Bolt: 2, nylon aspect core aspect big volume, holding strong amplitude, mainly used for cement or mixed called soft soil base.
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