The auditorium chair in design and installation requirements

by:HONGJI     2020-11-16
Auditorium chair is divided into one, two, three, four, five, six, etc. Colors: red, silver grey, telecom blue, its green, matte black, bordeaux, color can be custom color. The commodity feature is: seat/back shell: choose excellent PP ( Polypropylene) Multielement composite mold injection molding horse: made from excellent cold rolled steel stamping welding type: sponge is made of high cold foam shaped sponge cloth: to choose high-grade fabrics, flame retardant, resistance to pollution, prevent fade armrest: choose imported oak and beech or dermatoglyph high elastic PU handrails package: choose add steel spring return, no return noise tablet: choose aluminum alloy bearing structure, the panel is made of high density fiberboard, outside cold press fire panel, near PU sealing side. Order of public seating arrangement is the most important thinking of the scene design and device, especially in the auditorium chair and contact device places. How to reasonable arrangement of seats and guarantee the field device, make the business personnel to one of the basic skills necessary to understand and grasp. The vast majority of cases, the auditorium chair device is fixed in a theater or hall, it is necessary to understand the conditions of the unit. Salesman needs to understand the scene of the basic materials include: floor plan, elevation, raw material conditions on the ground, position request, such as detailed as follows: the floor plan, floor plan through, can know to the area of the theatre, pillars, doors, stage, aisle and the status of the configuration of the steps and the detailed dimension, this basic material supply for the plane arrangement of the auditorium chair; Inside figure: to understand the steps of the theatre configuration, the elevation difference, the ground tilt viewpoints and materials such as the floor. The ground material: so as to conclude that seat of methods and forms of fastening bolt fixing device, on the basis of primary material is different, choose different anchor fixed station foot: thickness of the thicker wood floor on the ground, choose wood screws; Metal floor, choose high strength tapping self drilling screws; Cement foundation ( Contains spread is compound wooden floor, ceramic tile, carpet surface) Ground, choose swell screw swell screw has two kinds: 1, steel core swelling anchor: strong robust, apply with the hard cement foundation; 2, nylon core swelling anchor: swell large volume, manipulation of strong strength, suitable for soft cement or mixed soil base. Position request: the customer according to the requirements and design request, might be in the position of auditorium chair have detailed request, such as arc, dislocation, partition of qualifying position, channel requests and so on. Site planning is a clear understanding how to design a good design better.
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