The auditorium chair how to identify strengths and weaknesses?

by:HONGJI     2020-10-28
Most of the auditorium chair seat consists of seat, back of a chair, armrest and stand feet under normal circumstances, the feet and arms together, form a solid installation armrest frame combination structure for steel structure or gangsu structure commonly. Most auditorium seating in the form of sofa cushions to facilitate the evacuation at the end of the hall, seat cushion can be turned over should consider the quantity and local lighting facilities in the darkness, so that the user identification and find a seat. Hall auditorium chair and site design according to using need, seat pad and need to place files, in order to record and also need to consider using special hall and simultaneous interpretation equipment, voting and speech; Part of the theatre, or the hall still need to match the chairs and air conditioning systems. Auditorium chair discern bad: the auditorium chairs, commonly used car seat leather surface, especially the car seat is a special leather, must go through such as uv resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, abrasion resistance, high cost, therefore, some unscrupulous vendors will to top-up the car mainly pay attention to distinguish with other low leather leather authenticity, advantages and disadvantages. Certificate method: leather with clear sources, including origin, tanneries and leather testing table, leather use license and other basic information, be short of one cannot. Volume label method: leather on the back of the label production date, name of the tannery, area, etc. ( Production date shoulds not be too long, should be paid attention to more than 3 years of leather have mildew) 。 Watch law: under 30 times a magnifying glass, you can see the leather surface as the surface of the moon, have pits and holes, permeability is to use a knife to cut the leather can be seen, from outer to inner, the color of the leather must be the same whether there is a note under the outer color, avoid buying dyeing or replacement of the old leather. Smell: good leather should not have pungent taste, after processing so excessive solvent and bad smell of paint. Heat method: best ask manufacturer for a small piece of leather material, and cigarette butts will burn 2 - sample 3 seconds, so that we can avoid buying polyurethane products, and because the contact area is large, using lighter burning, so need longer time. Wipe method: wipe the leather surface with skim oil, pay attention to whether fade falls off phenomenon, avoid buying two color leather. Above is an introduction to the method of auditorium chair how to identify strengths and weaknesses.
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