The auditorium chair how to cleaning and maintenance

by:HONGJI     2020-11-15
As public seating, auditorium chair there will be many people in common use, will lead to its special dirty, so the auditorium chair daily cleaning and maintenance should do so, pay attention to what you know? Don't worry, small make up it is to answer for you. First, we need to know the auditorium chair is by the chair seat, chair, armrest and stand feet. Tell from the data, indoor hall chair with high quality leather, cloth, hemp cloth more information to give priority to. Chair on different fabrics have different maintenance methods. A, fabrics of linen cloth, textile cloth auditorium chair when chair surface with fine dust, only need to quietly go to rinse off or vacuum; When with particulate matter, can use soft brush down the light brush. If not be careful touch to the potable water substance, can absorb moisture with paper towel first, and then quietly with warm a neutral detergent scrub, again with a clean cloth blot moisture, low temperature drying. Cloth and maintenance to stop using wet cloth, sharp objects or chemicals contact fabrics such as acid, alkali, avoid influencing its using life. Generally only quietly with clean and soft cloth is swabbed can. Second, fabrics for leather, PU leather for auditorium chairs, auditorium chair to clean minor stains can use neutral cleaning fluid and soft cloth is swabbed, do not forcibly knead; If be long-term occurrence of grime, ideal cleaning method is to use warm water diluted neutral cleaning fluid ( 1% - 3%) To scrub, reoccupy dry clean dishcloth to clean fluid, with clean soft dry cloth to polish finally, ratio and dry at all with the right amount of leather care agent evenly is swabbed can. General leather chair face daily maintenance only quietly with clean soft cloth scrub leather appearance. Three, woodiness data of auditorium chairs woodiness data auditorium chairs in applied engineering should prevent beverage, chemicals or overheat, too hot place appearance, wood natural color appearance to avoid damage. About wooden seat should regularly clean, with pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe appearance on and off if appearance is stained with besmirch, usable temperature tea to besmirch wipe, after being dry put a little light, wax dry form protective film after grinding. Daily cleaning, be careful not to let strong metal products or other sharp tool collision seats, to avoid formation damage its appearance. Four, metal qualitative data auditorium chair metal qualitative data as the seat daily clean to prevent the use of rough, organic solution, Turpentine oil, oil decontamination) Or wet cloth to scrub, avoid appearance scar formation and rust. Prohibit use such corrosive acid alkali cleaner or with grinding powder granular detergent. The auditorium chair cleaner applies to all materials production. Cushion, back of the chair, armrest and seat surface contact gaps are available cleaner clean sundry. But, be careful not to use brush, avoid destroying the knit line, more to prevent heavy use suction to suck. Fabrics of the most important thing is, whether the auditorium chair is still the cortex auditorium chair because they are used in public places, should be disinfected regularly, to ensure the safety of the people. Auditorium chair between brand competition is more and more cruel in recent years, many vendors to secure a dedication to quality for value, but doing so will only hurt yourself eventually. Auspicious poly seat depend on transforming to decoration, environmental protection, brand effect arises at the historic moment. Auspicious seat insist on quality first, the customer is responsible, to oneself strict requirement, high must get to own heaven and earth!
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