The auditorium chair for when the choose and buy should pay attention to what?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-16
As we all know, auditorium chair that how we want to buy? The following is to introduce in detail the auditorium chair for you to buy the seven points:

1, we all know that the best position. 90 degrees and a central point of the three principles are: the thighs and legs should be kept from 90 to 100 degrees, upper body and legs should be kept from 90 to 100 degrees, upper arm and lower arm at work should be kept between 90 and 100 degrees.

2, seat cushion, good seat costs are high, usually the auditorium chair chooses is sponge cushion, so most of the more and more businesses are put good material in the seat of the auditorium chairs, good seat cushion is usually thick, and there are concave line, has very good posture.

3, auditorium chair backrest emphasis on comfort and safety. Some chair is very loose, slightly shaking will produce noise. The chair is not only easy to damage, and there is potential safety hazard. And the height of the back of a chair, more outstanding in the market now is the backrest height adjustment function, make flexible, any one can do, therefore, it is very important to a good function of tables and chairs.

4, lifting, when buy, to understand the material of the steering drag link of auditorium chair, and, more importantly, if you feel that lifting in the early stages of use, there may be a potential safety hazard, need to contact businesses, further solve the problem.

5, the stability of the site, is extremely important to select material, good product is usually stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, and the poor is the use of common engineering plastics.

6, on the choice of the auditorium chair chair foot, four claw chair foot because the landing area is small, poor stability, and five claws is much bigger than four jaw chair chair foot, guarantee the stability of the chair. Six claw seat is the safest. Its disadvantage is that the soles of the feet move not convenient, and it's easy to often hit the feet. So almost all the chairs on the market is five feet chair

7, instruction is a good teacher. When purchasing the auditorium chair, be sure to check whether there are instructions, purchasing should be in strict accordance with the specification after use and maintenance, to ensure the safety in the process of use.
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