The auditorium chair for the application of the public

by:HONGJI     2020-11-14
The auditorium chair is a breakthrough of the airport rest solution, embodies the direct response to the demand of the modern airport environment. All other seats system includes multiple seats installed on two legs and a supporting beam length, this means that when an airport to reconfigure the space they generally faced with many seat compromise, including the use of the lack of space, not a neat line and favored by the chairs and tables or arm's position, it all becomes more complex layout evolution over time. Auditorium chair is the first real modular airport chair it provides, to promote overall flexibility and choice through instant to adapt to the changing needs of standardized components at the airport in the system. The unique properties of this product to prove the fact that is now patent their rapid reconfigurable product solution. Auditorium chair system not only makes the length of the new configuration may be simple, it also allows weapons and table relocation to where they are needed most. This extend the service life of the product, not only to reduce the long-term cost, but also promote a more environmentally friendly approach to product procurement. And constrained beams on the basis of product, the system for any number of consecutive rows of auditorium chair, it is more effective and harmonious vision, because all the legs and arms are evenly distributed. Straight line and the elimination of low visual purity of beam also promote more & # 39; 'The key of the airport terminal visual transparency. Market leading to the auditorium chair seat clearance convenient and looked around, let security personnel quickly found suspicious or unattended items. Compared with the traditional terminal seat, which means faster production, more environmentally friendly economic transport, reduce waste. Need to attach great importance to the corporate responsibility and social responsibility and is constantly developing its products and operations, in order to limit its impact on the environment, and help ensure a sustainable future. Carefully designed every final shape, and component joint surface, in order to avoid dust traps and speed up the clean. Cover an area of an area small, and put forward the chassis also means that it is easier to clean under and around. While many of the airport seat products have finished paint or powder coating, can be easily scratched, bared metal below the flake as time goes on, the injection of auditorium chair parts throughout the non-ferrous, makes deep scratches is far less obvious. Auditorium chair not only meet the requirements of the modern airport environment need high, more than expected, and has set up a new standard for the airport seat design. Customers now have a modern and exciting products, truly reflects the development and the modern global portal.
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