The auditorium chair fire prevention function of the key factors

by:HONGJI     2020-11-06
In public places, such as school classrooms, and places of population is concentrated in the great hall of the auditorium, for fire fighting equipment, is quite important. A fire under the condition of the force majeure, if the fire fighting equipment failed to pass, will leads to the deterioration of the situation more and the formation of a personnel and equipment damage. Therefore, public places need to overvalue the safe hidden trouble of public equipment. Auditorium chair selected tend to use fire prevention board, but it is not really afraid of fire, only has surely fireproof function. Auditorium chair will generally speak of fire prevention board is used to seat on the shelf, to do the fire prevention board to stick a face, density board base material, pressure paste made through seat factory. Compared with melamine board, fire prevention board processing more trouble, but the fire prevention board on fire prevention function is better. For the general public security, manufacturers will not ignore this ( Of course there will be a handful of manufacturers to production for melamine board) , so when you have wooden components of auditorium chair when the choose and buy, want to clearly know whether the choose and buy of fire prevention board. Maybe someone do not know what is fire prevention board? Fire prevention board is surface decorative building materials, refractory is fire prevention board base paper ( Titanium powder paper, kraft paper) By melamine and phenolic resin impregnation process, made by high temperature and high pressure environment. It has heat preservation and heat insulation, light, high strength, fire retardant, convenient processing, sound absorption, sound insulation, bearing, good durability and adapt to the characteristics of green environmental protection, economic and practical. On fire prevention function, fire prevention board is currently one of the more commonly used and by the use of material, so it is generally gf used in interior decoration, furniture, infidelity, laboratory countertops, wall, such as category, is now one of the more common materials.
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