The auditorium chair factory is how you choose and buy the auditorium chair

by:HONGJI     2020-10-29
Auditorium seats is usually used in theatre or cinema, and its use within the auditorium chair, a good auditorium chairs when comfort is difference, is there is a difference to people's experience. The auditorium seats? How should you buy the right itself, should buy auditorium seats from which the factors to see? Today the auditorium chair manufacturer will let you know how to buy the auditorium seats. Auditorium chair manufacturer tip first, auditorium chair of the chair and the back of a chair's emphasis on the comfort and safety coefficient of chair, chair of many of the back of the chair is loose, slightly shaking noise occurs. This chair is very easy to destroy not only, still have potential safety risks at the same time. The aspect ratio of the back of the chair, at this stage, young bulge is able to adjust the height to width ratio of the back of the chair, the seat on the edge of flexible, can see good auditorium seats function is very important. Auditorium chair manufacturer to prompt the second, the auditorium seats better sitting pose, the center of the three 90 ° principle, to the thigh at 90 ° Angle 100 °, 90 ° - middle and upper thighs The middle of the 100 Angle, upper arm and lower arm keep 90 ° Angle of 100 °. Auditorium chair manufacturer tips article 3, auditorium chair cushion, seat cushion cost is very high, usually auditorium seating pads, so many stores base will be a seat cushion and some price. Usually the auditorium seat cushion thickness is very thick, and the concave curve at the same time, have a good experience when low mesh auditorium seats right choice, sitting comfortable page for heat dissipation. The fourth is the scene of the auditorium seats stability, material choice and its important, good product usually adopt stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, and the poor is using common engineering plastics.
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