The auditorium chair factory is how to identify strengths and weaknesses of the auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-19
Theater chairs, auditorium chairs, car seats, are usually made of leather surface. Car seat is special leather, in particular, must be approved by uv resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, abrasion resistance and so on processing, the cost is higher, the auditorium chair so some unscrupulous vendors can with other cheap leather boots, car main attention to discern the true and false of the leather, the wheat from the chaff. Identification method: factory leather, all have clear source, published producer, tanneries and leather testing table, leather use basic information, such as the power of attorney, be short of one cannot. Volume label law: is leather factory, will be marked on the back the manufacturing date, name of leather factory area, etc. ( The manufacturing date shoulds not be too long, more than 3 years of leather should be paid attention to the presence of moldy phenomenon) 。 Watch law: under 30 x microscope, is visible to the leather looks like the surface of the moon, hole hole hole, its permeability is preferred. Visible in the blade cut leather, leather from outer layer to inner layer color must be consistent. Note below the outer layer is there a different color, can avoid to buy or breathing second-hand leather dyeing. Smell method: good leather, auditorium chair should not have pungent smell after processing, so much of solvent odor and coating is not good. Heat resistant method: best with the manufacturer for a small piece of leather material, with cigarette butts touch hot samples up to 2 ~ 3 seconds, can avoid to buy PU products, burning with lighter due to the large contact area, so the time should be extended. Wipe method: to soiled oil is wiped the leather surface, pay attention to the auditorium chair have faded and falls off phenomenon, can avoid to buy two natural leather.
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