The auditorium chair environment match what pay attention to?

by:HONGJI     2020-10-31
The auditorium chair environment match what pay attention to? When cleaning needs to pay attention to? What do you understand? Here introduce you to everyone. Due to the use conditions and applicable people the particularity, in some special scenarios and environment still exist many problems need to pay attention to. Such as cinemas, abortion should be a great place. Therefore, the environment of auditorium chair collocation is delicate. The demand of clean wooden auditorium chairs, and woodiness material, beverages, chemicals or hot items, shall not be placed on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface; For leather materials, due to the strong absorption, anti-fouling should be paid attention to; For leather material, should be used for leather cleaner, shall not use strong detergents. Metal auditorium auditorium chairs, soft cloth can be used for the maintenance of metal materials, the rough but organic solvents ( Such as oil, decontamination of loose oil) Or wet cloth can avoid wiping, this is the main cause of surface scars and rust. Often with dry cotton cloth or cloth to wipe, keeps bright beautiful. Dry with a soft cloth cotton hall chair, then dry. Ban with wet cloth, hard materials, or acid, alkali and other chemicals contact fabric cloth maintenance, lest affect on the quality and use of the cycle. If encounter drinks or fruit juice, can water with towel first, reoccupy warm water soluble neutral detergent to wipe, again with a clean soft cloth to wipe, finally dry at low temperature. Cloth auditorium chairs, general maintenance simply wiped gently with a clean soft cloth. If to clean dirt produced by long-term use, the ideal method is: use the neutral detergent to wipe when diluted with warm water first, again with dry cloth to wipe the water detergent, with dry cloth to polish finally, after the dry, with appropriate maintenance agent even wipe. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for all kinds of material, auditorium chair, the back of the chair, armrest and the gap between seat can use a vacuum cleaner to clean. But in the use of a vacuum cleaner, do not use the suction brush, so as to avoid the fabric for the knit lines on the fabric damage and become loose, and, more importantly, don't use a larger suction to suction, this may lead to the yarn loss. Consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean. The above is an introduction to the related of the auditorium chairs, hope to be of help. Want to learn more relevant content, can continue to pay close attention to our website, thank you for your support!
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