The auditorium chair design value

by:HONGJI     2020-11-08
Now in most of the campus and the auditorium, theater, etc, will be setting the auditorium chair, so the auditorium chair as a special general furniture in the furniture, the plan can not be biased, auditorium chair as public facilities, its planning should consider all the use of the role of the auditorium, to fit most people use requirements. Life is often a little creative planning can greatly improve the quality of life. Auditorium chair, in particular, as a public facility, a small upgrade changes, greatly all people can get better use of the experience. Generally the auditorium chair on the market greatly paragraphs are solid wood and plastic shell, paragraphs fixed plate cushion and flap cushion, auditorium chair plan is unreasonable not only formed in the process of use is not convenient, also to people's physical form different degrees of damage. Accer seat auditorium chair in the product source control, from the material to produce process, and to achieve best after-sale installation services, strive for perfection. Accer adhere to the concept of health seats, chairs humanistic care, safe environmental protection and natural harmony and perfect fusion of products produced. So-called humanistic care is planning seat fit the using demand of people, the auditorium chair planning fit ergonomics, make the campus children in the process of use shall not affect the physical and mental development, make social people on to attend the meeting in the process of maximum comfort. Security environmental protection is in the selection of the material when choosing safe pollution-free environmentally friendly materials, accer seat can do it after the products are expected to use life back again as material produce, maximize security environmental protection production line. Accer seat auditorium chair of the planning and create value for society, for people to produce comfortable products, contributing to environmental protection efforts!
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