The auditorium chair design considerations which parts of the world

by:HONGJI     2020-11-07
In our daily life, the use of the auditorium chair is unusual, but it is a part of people's life. The auditorium chair design based on the principle of human body engineering. Next, let small make up to introduce you to issue to consider in the design of the auditorium chairs. Hope these will be helpful to you. Height is the height of the auditorium chairs. This chair is the size of the benchmark. It determines the height of the back and arms, and the other dimensions of the table. The length of the high leg should be based on human beings. Normally, the body postures should be slightly smaller than the calf, the height of each socket should be perpendicular to the bottom of the calf, in order to ensure the lateral thigh not oppressed, leg position is not affected by extrusion. The auditorium chair depth has a great influence on the human body comfort, this depends on the length of a human thigh ( The distance between the buttocks and hips at the bottom of the rear) 。 Determining the auditorium chair surface depth, length should be lower than the thigh level in sitting position. Otherwise, the inside leg will be compressed or chair will back. Therefore, according to the human body posture, the average length of thigh level is down. Clearance between the front of the auditorium chair and dimples of about 60 mm. The back of the body to make the body maintain a certain position, and share a certain weight. Back height should be appropriately below the shoulder blade, so that the back muscles to rest appropriately. In order to maintain a stable posture and tensions between the back and neck muscles, often pad bend at the waist. 。 The auditorium chair backrest completely horizontal or vertical, auditorium chair is uncomfortable. Therefore, auditorium chair surface and the back of a chair should maintain proper Angle between slightly sloping surface, so that we can make the body slightly backward, reduce the weight of the back and legs, and keep my body, to avoid the body sliding forward, don't let your lower back lost stability and support, lead to muscle tension and fatigue. The auditorium chair should not be too hard, a soft or a hard. Good rest pad should be flexible and matching. In order to obtain a reasonable body pressure distribution, muscle relaxation, relaxed posture, the back should be softer than the cushion. In the practice of back, waist should be very hard, should be soft in his back. Besides the above problems, the auditorium chair design should also consider the auditorium chair surface shape, the use of soft mat, and flexible configuration, it is not allow to ignore. The shape of the auditorium chair should be slightly curved or straight, but not too bent. Because the stress distribution of flat is better than pressure distribution in the plane of the bend.
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