The auditorium chair cleaning and arrangement of skills

by:HONGJI     2020-11-09
The classification of auditorium chair cleaning: 1. Metal materials auditorium chair clean work is very delicate. The maintenance of metal materials can use soft cloth scrub, but can be used to prevent the rough organic solvents ( E. g. , turpentine, decontamination oil) Scrub or wet cloth, this is a major cause of external scar and rust. Be sure to use dry cloth or cloth to wipe, in order to keep the light and beauty. 2. The sorting of wooden auditorium seats. Woodiness material should prevent drink, chemicals or overheating object is placed on the outside, in order to prevent the damage on the surface of the wood natural color; Leather should have very strong absorptive capacity, and anti-fouling should be paid attention to; Leather material should use special leather cleaner cleanness, should not be used. Detergent. 3. Fabric auditorium chair water to wipe the auditorium chair, and then to dry. In general, only need to use a clean soft cloth is swabbed can quietly. If you need to sorting the long-term use of the dust, the most ideal method is to use neutral detergent scrub when diluted with warm water first, then use clean cloth to wipe. Go to the cleaning solution and finally with dry cloth to polish. After fully dry, with appropriate curing agent is wiped. 4. Cotton auditorium chair with a soft cloth to wipe. Maintenance is prohibited to use wet cloth fabric, or alkali chemicals such as fabric contact, lest affect the appearance quality and life cycle. If you sprinkle the drinks or fruit juice, you can remove the water with a paper towel, then rinse with warm water to dissolve neutral detergent, then wipe with a clean soft cloth, finally dry at low temperature. Vacuum cleaner is suitable for the auditorium chair made of all materials. Can use the vacuum cleaner clean back, clearance between the armrest and seat surface. However, when using the vacuum cleaner, please do not use dust brush, so as not to damage the knit lines on the fabric, the cloth is loose. Also need to big suction to prevent suction. This may lead to line was torn off. A vacuum cleaner. The auditorium chair discharge method is as follows: 1. Cannot be fixed chair can't on the floor tilt. 2. Can't bend chair can't arrange with arc or arc. 3. The theatre should be equipped with back of a chair, the fixed seat. You can set the mobile seats. 4. The auditorium seats seat height should not be less than zero. 50m; Soft chair should not be less than zero. 55 m. 5. The auditorium should be disabled wheelchair reserved seats. Seat depth of 1. 10 meters, width of 0. 80 meters. Direction should be convenient for disabled people to sit down and scattered, and shall set up general symbols. 6. Slope gradient is not greater than 1:6. 7. Slope seat cannot be arranged an arc. 8. Have a side aisle, the back should not exceed 10 rows. 9. Vertical and horizontal corridors should not be less than 1. 2 meters. The above for the auditorium chair related content.
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