The auditorium chair clean exquisite different material

by:HONGJI     2020-12-06
The auditorium chair is based on the principle of the human form engineering design. In order to guarantee the backrest and the seat surface completely accord with human body curve, make people comfortable, is the perfect combination of aesthetics and high-tech. The auditorium seat backrest and the back of a chair by the cloth, steel skeleton skeleton and polyurethane foam. Forming by cold curing technology. To ensure the fabric, metal frame is closely connected with polyurethane foam, make the back frequently used, no deformation, no fold, easy to tear open outfit, high resilience, not out of shape. The auditorium chair shells and back shells polypropylene injection molding for high quality projects. They have the acoustical design. Auditorium chair's turn to rebound with double torsional spring and noise reduction device. The noise is low, the service life of more than 100000 times. The auditorium chair metal appearance after blast for electrostatic spraying. Strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, and the appearance of bright and beautiful. Hall the user to select and deal with the cushion fabric variety, can be used as flame retardants. The auditorium chair clean very delicate: metal auditorium chair clean and delicate. The maintenance of metal materials can use soft cloth to wipe, but avoid using rough organic solvent ( Such as oil of turpentine, skim oil) Or wet cloth, this is the main cause of surface scars and rust. Often with dry cotton cloth or cloth to wipe to keep bright and beautiful. Need to clean wooden auditorium chairs. Woodiness material should avoid to drink, chemicals, or on the surface of overheating object, so as not to damage the natural color of the wood surface; Leather material pollution prevention should be paid attention to; Leather material should be used for leather cleaner cleanness, can not use strong detergents. Water will dry cloth in the auditorium chairs. General maintenance only need to gently with a clean soft cloth to wipe, if you want to remove the long-term use of the dirt, the ideal method is: use neutral detergent to wipe, when diluted with warm water first to twist dry cloth to wipe cleaning solution, finally with dry cloth to wipe, then use the proper maintenance of age. Not even wipe after drying. Dry cotton auditorium chairs, with a soft cloth and then dry. Maintenance is prohibited to use wet cloth fabric, hard or acidic and alkaline chemical fabric contact, lest affect the surface quality and service life. If you get drinks or fruit juice, you can water with towel first, and then dissolve the neutral detergent to wipe with warm water, then dry with a clean soft cloth, the final drying under low temperature. Vacuum cleaner is suitable for all materials of the auditorium chairs. The back of a chair, armrest and vacuum cleaners clean up the gap between seat available. But when using vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, so as not to damage the fabric knitting, fabric fluffy, should avoid to use super suction also suck, which may lead to yarn faults, consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean.
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