The auditorium chair at the same time also have a noble and solemn

by:HONGJI     2020-12-08
Auditorium chair request high quality, genuine, robust and reliable. If it's pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its means less water content beyond 12%, had better choose makings joggle structure rather than a nail gun. Office furniture must be honest and straightforward, diagonal must agree, ground to a smooth, hardware component be strong, and the doors and drawer should open. Leather office furniture surface must level off, no bubble, no crack, flat-fell seam in neat formation, etc. Style, style and colour should be consistent and harmonious, and in detail to change. Office furniture matching to a wary & quot; Color and taste & quot; , together with the company and business nature. Each color has its own language, it will send out to your colleagues and customers some mental messages. For example, black gives a person of loneliness, but at the same time also have a noble and solemn; Let a person feel the old brown, but different concentrations of brown instead of the old dull, also produce elegant; If a bright red big powder too make public, and quiet cool color tone, to show the young and lively; If this white taupe too plain and neat, and warm color in hand, it is easy to show their elegance. Further, lavender sky blue gives a person the feeling of quiet; Magenta with borland let a person feel lively; It match which does appear elegant; Pink with the white convey the youth breath; Dark brown with yellow can make you look more mature; Light grey with jet is solemn; Light intensity of illumination is a basic and necessary conditions of the video hall, due to the randomness of TV meeting time, so the indoor application of artificial cold light source, avoid the natural light. Brunet curtain shade hall doors and Windows. Light had no adverse effect on the human eye vision. Select trichromatic lamp ( Color temperature 3000 - 3500 k) More appropriate. Illumination requirements stipulated as follows: in order to ensure the correct image color and camera self balancing, irradiation participants in the face of light is uniform, intensity of illumination should be not less than 500 lux. Projection television monitors, intensity of illumination for 50 - nearby 80 lux, should avoid direct light. The direction of the light is more important than the strength of the light, for the lighting installation, diffuse lens can make fully diffuse light, make the participants have a uniform illumination on his face.
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