The auditorium chair and theater chair design whether directly affect human body health

by:HONGJI     2020-10-29
Public seating, auditorium chairs and theater chairs of the most common in our daily life, occupies a large part of people's life, it is food, clothing, housing, as an important basic human needs. Statistics show that in industrialized countries, two-thirds of the work is sitting on the work, make the public widely appreciated study design chair. But they don't value in our country, not many people really good personalized service of auditorium chair design, chairs the public seems beyond the form of beauty in its most basic comfort, function and reasonable, safe, efficient. We know from experience, not only easy to use the chair design problem, but also closely related to human health, bad system design is often lead to the auditorium chair, cinema chair shoulder disease, lumbar disease, intervertebral disc disease. Therefore, the pursuit of a more appropriate form, structure to the human body, human body measure and material to the public chair user personalized nursing shape, designers must consider the question. Regulations, change the question. Long-term sitting can lead to users keep the partial pressure of your body and static muscle fatigue, make the design of public chair should be adjustable, and is convenient to consider the possibility of change seat as soon as possible. Dynamic auditorium chair design has been and user friendly design. Pneumatic lifting equipment in the use of public office chair design chair is a dynamic model of the public. This is to adjust the seat height, backrest Angle and the seat surface, make different people have the waist support, in a variety of positions, as far as possible to maintain the natural curvature of the spine, thereby reducing pressure on the spine and back muscles. A vibrant auditorium chair to perfection, is the concept of the German company and some of Europe's universities and researchers Robert Bradley, joint efforts, make 'moving' on the seat of the motor design, in order to design a chair, swing seats around open to 0. 8 degrees, the average 5 times per minute, the purpose is to use, in order to prevent the disc thinned, cause lumbar sit-in movement was long and can reduce because of the low back pain. Material issue. In the auditorium chair, cinema chair material design shall ensure that, at least two aspects of function: breathe freely, prevent slippery. Therefore, the auditorium chair more based on the surface of the fiber. The auditorium chair can breathable mesh, using the summer vacation, to ensure that user comfort. Using carbon filler size under the condition of ensure the structural strength, in order to reduce the weight of public seating. At the same time, we can develop some new materials and design innovative user friendly products. German designer hebert ORR design 'monica' chair, auditorium chair, and use the steel base, seats and recycle soft leather cover. Using the new strong toughness of steel, the Angle between the backrest and the seat can and sat in the body has changed. Such a design, and fully illustrates the potential of the material in the design. In short, the auditorium seats and design features of theater seats and should not be ignored the importance of the design of the 'people' has become a conspicuous bright spot, and has become an irreversible trend. At the same time, we should also recognize that the public chair design, not only to solve the problem of a ride, if people don't understand, especially education people to maintain the correct posture, auditorium chairs, no matter how futile design. So, now, on the one hand, we are going to education people keep the right seat position; Stand up from time to time, on the other hand, in order to promote people's physical health work activities
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