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by:HONGJI     2020-11-28
Guangdong auditorium chairs auditorium chairs the best posture, center of three 90 ° a principle, namely the thigh calf maintain 90 ° to 100 ° Angle, upper body and legs keep 90 ° to 100 ° Angle of upper arm and forearm at work to keep the Angle of 90 ° to 100 °. 2, cushion, cushion good cost is higher, generally auditorium chairs are cushions, so many businesses are basically on the seat, good seat is generally thick, and with the concave curve, have very good feeling, now the market popular mesh auditorium chair is a good choice, sit feels comfortable and good for heat dissipation. 3, back of a chair, auditorium seats in the back of a chair its comfortable feeling and security, part chair is very loose, slightly shaking can produce noise, this chair is not only easy to damage, also pose a safety hazard. And the height of the back of a chair, a great market now is can regulate the function of the backrest height, make a chair, flexible, no can do, is a good auditorium chair function is very important. 4, guangdong auditorium chair lift problem, know when buy steering rod pressure rod material, and more, early in the process of use if feel lift is blocked, it may pose a safety hazard, need to contact business, further solve the problem. 5, the stability of the territory, the choice of materials is very important, good product usually stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, and the poor is using common engineering plastics. 6, on the choice of the auditorium chair foot again, four claws of the chair feet because of the land area is small, so the stability is poorer, five claws of the area is much larger than four claws, ensures the stability of the chair, six claw the safest, its drawback is that at the foot of activity is not convenient, easy to often hit the feet, so almost all the chairs on the market are five claw type. 7, specification is the best teacher, should check whether there is any specification on product when buy, buy after should be in strict accordance with the product manual for use and maintenance, to ensure the safety in the process of use. Above is the small make up about guangdong auditorium chair, cinema chair and the summary of the ladder desks and chairs, hope can help to you!
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