Real wood the auditorium chair wholesale demand to purchase according to the application site. _ _ news

by:HONGJI     2020-11-29
Guangdong auditorium chair in the hips against the chair back, if you can hold the fist through the back of the calf and the auditorium chair front space between, said it would be appropriate, if not, then said the chair is too deep, need the chair backrest, cushion cushion for leaning on of a forward or in a chair. If the finger can at the bottom of the thigh, chair of the front sliding, said it would be appropriate. If the space is too tight, you will need to add a piece of can adjust the shelf feet high thigh. If your thighs and auditorium chair frontier between one refers to the width, you will need to improve the chair height. Most auditorium chair at the time of design, in order to increase the comfort you sit down, will take the form of upholstered sofa, and for the convenience of in present time evacuation, auditorium chair on the design of the cushion structure of reversible, general application sites doomed auditorium chair, they need to make seat faster find local lighting design. Auditorium chair real wood the auditorium chair manufacturer design is mostly according to the application of space requirements to design, such as the meeting place of the seat is generally to place files and writing board for record, in the field, you also need to consider the simultaneous interpretation equipment, vote and speak equipment the function of the actual demand, the second in a theater, more from the seating comfort to consider, so will consider to match the chairs and air conditioning systems. For a long period of time, of course, fixed position is not good to the body, therefore, remember that every half an hour at least up to a minute or two. Even so still can stretch only a brief activity. If there are conditions, can walk walk 20 minutes, not only reduce the pressure on the spine, also can promote the blood circulation, thus the nutrition to each part of the spine. Above is the small make up about the auditorium chair, cinema chair and the summary of the ladder desks and chairs, hope can help to you!
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