Put the auditorium chair the meeting environmental requirements

by:HONGJI     2020-11-24
Multi-purpose auditorium chair, cinema in the hall, hall, lecture hall, such places not only requires good quality chairs, sitting comfortable, but also should pay attention to the environment and lighting requirements place, in the auditorium, for example. Hall indoor temperature, humidity should be appropriate, usually consider as 18 - - Room temperature of 25 degrees, 60% - - 80% humidity is more reasonable. In order to ensure the indoor temperature, humidity, right right hall indoor system can be installed air conditioning, heating, humidification, in order to achieve the function of refrigeration, dehumidification, ventilation. Hall requirement, fresh air ventilation is not less than 18 cubic meters per time. The auditorium environmental noise level requirement is 40 db ( 一) To form a good environment. If indoor noise, such as the noise of the air conditioning is too big, will greatly affect the performance of audio system. Lighting: light intensity of illumination is a basic and necessary conditions of the video hall, due to the randomness of TV meeting time, so the indoor application of artificial cold light source, avoid the natural light. Brunet curtain shade hall doors and Windows. Light had no adverse effect on the human eye vision. Select trichromatic lamp ( Color temperature 3000 - 3500 k) More appropriate. Illumination requirements stipulated as follows: in order to ensure the correct image color and camera self balancing, irradiation participants in the face of light is uniform, intensity of illumination should be not less than 500 lux. Projection television monitors, intensity of illumination for 50 - nearby 80 lux, should avoid direct light. The direction of the light is more important than the strength of the light, for the lighting installation, diffuse lens can make fully diffuse light, make the participants have a uniform illumination on his face. Installation position requirements: trichromatic lamp generally installed on the ceiling of the auditorium, want to install on the ceiling L frame, lamp installed in L framework to the corner, make the light does not directly on to the object and the participants, and rely on the ceiling to light reflection, scattering light hall. In addition to the above two points, in order to achieve better effect, also note: avoid direct sunlight to the object, background and lens, which leads to the strong contrast of dazzling. Avoid from the top or out of the window to the top light, side light of direct illuminate, the radiation will directly lead to the shadow. The use of auxiliary lights, recommend the use of solar light. Banning the use of lights, avoid using frequency flash source. Recommend the use of indirect light source or from a softer smooth wall reflection of light. The auxiliary lights, light weak when recommended but avoid direct.
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