Public auditorium chair design value in where?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-04
Public auditorium chair design is a systematic work, also relies on a larger system. We should change the auditorium chair design concept, limited to simple understanding of the skills and methods or single furniture design. On the contrary, the design of public auditorium seating, auditorium chair, cinema chair, desk and chair, etc. , should be incorporated into the system. Design should also gradually from physical center positioning steering system, such as electric theater chairs, tables and chairs. The environment refers to everything around it, it can be a product identity and value. In the cinema the design of chairs, auditorium chairs and tables and chairs, we should not only know their own physical knowledge, but also as a system to enhance our understanding of more environment system. From system transaction process, function and relation of sandbody, and we always pay attention to the environment and promote each other, interaction, and constraints. Theater chairs, auditorium chairs, tables and chairs while also is a kind of furniture, but as an ordinary furniture special furniture, the design can not be carried out in accordance with the design method of ordinary furniture. Furniture is usually designed for the family. Considering the overall use, school desks and chairs, public seating, cinema and auditorium chair chair must consider a wider range. Auditorium soft chair demands high quality of product is real, solid and reliable. Most of the auditorium seats is composed of four parts: seat, back of a chair, armrest and feet. Usually, foot and armrest combined together firmly installed armrest. Composite structure is usually gangmu structure or steel model structure. If it is pure wood furniture, pay attention to the moisture content should not exceed 12%, buy tenon structure instead of the nail gun assembly. Office desks and chairs should be founder, diagonal must agree, the ground should level off, the hardware should be solid, flexible door, drawer should be open. Leather furniture surface must level off, no bubble, no crack, stitching, etc. Factor that should consider when buying the auditorium chair: first of all, should know the size of the auditorium chair before buying, and then according to the specific positioning scheme, avoid devices cannot demand after combination. Second, auditorium chairs, authentic and reliable high quality requirements, hardware should be strong, no bubble, no crack, stitching, etc. Third, the auditorium chair not expendable. When buy, we should stick to the principle of utility. According to using need to purchase the auditorium chair, adornment must cooperate with local situation and culture. Fourth, according to the scene design, document and record the board at the request of the auditorium chairs, special hall also need translation and to vote at the same time, voice equipment, part of the theatre, or auditorium chairs and air conditioning systems.
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