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by:HONGJI     2020-11-11
Can not only satisfy people for all the audience can have a good field of vision, and comfortable good-looking and is advantageous to the maintenance of cleaning the auditorium chairs, already in theaters, meeting rooms and public places such as large area using church. Actually good row seat auditorium chairs, in fact, also has certain requirements, major should pay attention to what? 1. According to the different width of theatre class is selected. The places and hosted by the grade difference interfered with theatre also have different class, usually the armour ethylene-propylene level 3. Class a theatre cost-effective auditorium chair width should not be less than zero. 8 meters, ethylene-propylene their decline with level 0. 1 meter. 2. Seating space should meet the requirements. Because places limitations, chair have short and long line along the two categories. Before a request hard chair spacing greater than or equal to 0. 80 m, a soft chair is greater than or equal to 0. 90m; After a request hard chair is greater than or equal to 1. 00 m, a soft chair is greater than or equal to 1. 10m。 And no matter what kind of alignment, increase the position at the end of a line spacing should be at least 0. 12m。 3. The problem of the number of chairs. As mentioned above, there are two kinds of chair, such differences to remove interference, the spacing for each row seat number is limited. Which use short chronological, if it is a double corridor, a good number of theater chairs can't do more than 22, single-aisle not more than 11; Long line of double limit of 50, aisle seat single-aisle is 25. 4. With seating for the disabled. This is both to facilitate corresponding approach and appearance, is also an expression of the human civilization level, the long position should be 1. 10 m, width of 0. 80m。 This requires not only need to use in the row of seats in the auditorium chairs, all public career should go deep into the society. In addition, can't be fixed chair can not be in the tilt of the slope, install cost-effective pavement tilt chair can not be beyond a certain proportion, if there is one small rooms can install several activities chair, the best place is our auditorium chair to pay attention to when a row of seats. Only mastering these details in detail, in dealing with these things.
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