Is HongJi double theater chairs cheap?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. HongJi's school chairs is widely used in the Manufacturing Furniture industry. HongJi's strong design capability ensures the diversity of double theater chairs . Besides, the advanced production equipment can guarantee the high quality of products. HongJi's products are of high quality and great safety. Besides, they are packed tightly and shockproof. Customers can rest assured to purchase the products. You are warmly welcome to contact us for details. school chairs is the main product of our company. It is diverse in variety.

Backwashing water filter for mine When the filter works properly,The water flow turns to the valve plate in the open state,After the treated water passes through the filter screen, the fine particles and impurities in the water are deposited near the sewage outlet due to inertia.Flushing filter sewage,When the sewage valve is opened,Under the action of hydraulic, the reversing valve plate is automatically converted to a closed state,At this time, the water flow was forced to enter the outer side of the filter tube from the entrance hole of the filter tube and the casing sandwich,Reverse flushing of impurities adhering to the inner mesh hole from the outside of the mesh tube,To achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter and restoring the filter function.The flow rate recovered after recoil.The biggest feature is that there is no need for manual intervention in backwashing,The purpose of automatic backwashing is achieved.The backwashing filter is mainly composed of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, stainl

Is the filtering accuracy 50 microns or is the filtering accuracy 90 microns good? The filtering accuracy of 50 microns is higher than 90 microns, and it is cleaner after 50 microns filtration.
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