Introduction to the design of the auditorium chair to the person's benefits

by:HONGJI     2020-11-01
1. Reduce the burden of leg muscles; 2. Avoid unnatural body posture; 3. To reduce the burden of blood system. But incorrect posture also affects health, people sitting for a long time, abdominal muscles, spine bending deformation, and thus affect the digestive and respiratory organs. Primitive man will only crouching, kneeling, v, will not sit, so how is the auditorium chair? After anthropologists, the earliest humans use seat completely is a symbol of power and position, which the function is secondary. After the seat and gradually developed into a tool of etiquette, people in different position of the seat size is different. Seat status symbol meaning still exist. Until the beginning of the 20th century, people began to recognize the sat work can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Whether at work, at home, in the bus, or in any other place, each person in his life there is always a large part of time is spent on sat. Today, almost three-quarters of work in industrial countries is sitting position assignments, so seat of research design has received the widespread attention. But little attention for the people in our country, tend to think of a piece of foam plastic, even in the seat of the chair carved legs sulcus shares is set out from the human body engineering. Some conclusion: 1) Behind the back and relax, the pressure in the intervertebral disc is minimum. ( 2) The backrest Angle, the greater the load, the smaller muscles. ( 3) Short by 5 cm thick waist, On the waist, also called on the waist) Compared with the plane of the back of a chair, can reduce pressure of intervertebral disc, relieve muscle load. ( 4) Backrest Angle (best With the horizontal plane Angle) Is 120 °, sit face best Angle ( With the horizontal plane Angle) Stress 5 cm thick for 14 °, back of a chair back of a chair holds up the weight of the part on the body, so as to reduce pressure within the intervertebral disc. We know from experience, seats and seat must be comfortable, and meets the needs of the different work, it is not only related to work, and have a close relationship with human health.
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