Introduces the auditorium chair installation steps

by:HONGJI     2020-11-04
A, confirmed that the length and width of the site: this is the most important basic data of the auditorium chair, confirm the venue on the number of channels ( A straight line, horizontal) The reserved channel width ( Small corridor generally about 120 cm, generally not less than 100 cm, the hall is about 180 cm) , is generally not less than 150 cm) 。 2, calculate the number of chairs in each line: use the site minus the total width of keep the width of the channel, data divided by the width of the chair. The number of chairs in a integer is per line. ( Each country the centering of auditorium chair distance for 58 cm width, namely: the chair is 50 cm in width, another armrest width to 8 cm. The width of the chair can be in 54 - Customized according to customer's requirements within 59 cm. Then fine tune is one of the most important, because the width is not chair width of integer. The number of chairs must be an integer, the others are added to the channel. In addition: each unit ( Connection) There should be a foot wide ( Usually a 8 cm) Each row of a few lines have to add a few feet. Finally, consider the customer's requirements, and the width of the channel determines the number of chairs, and the width of the channel. Three, calculate number of lines: before and after each row seating ( The auditorium chair) The standard width is 100 cm, but minimum should not be less than 90 cm ( The auditorium chair with writing board should consider whether writing board can be put down to the back) The total length of the minus the reserved channel, site. Width divided by 90 or 100 cm long, rounded, the total number of rows. The total number of multiplication is the chair of the site. It is important to note that if this site is a ladder, up the steps of a 90 ~ 100 centimeters. If it is a slope, slope architectural design cannot be found, can use muti_function measuring instrument ( Online) Measure, choose a few points, average, if the circular diameter is more than 17 meters, then according to the size of normal production, installation, if less than 17 meters, particular case should be specific. Seating ( The auditorium chair) The installation should be rules. Need to calculate the distance each chair, length and width, in order to make the place clean and orderly. City he bo furniture manufacturing co. , LTD is a company specializing in the production of public seating, dedicated to the auditorium chairs, auditorium chairs, tables and chairs, theater chairs, training tables and chairs, conference chairs, waiting chairs, VIP sofa seat developing, designing, manufacturing and services in public places, products are widely used in government agencies, enterprises and institutions, the school hall, multimedia amphitheatre, studio, theater, offices, etc.
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