In the building of the high quality theater you should pay attention to?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-03
About the cinema, the construction of investment cost and other issues, I believe that industry veteran must have been aware of this, but for film industry of many investors, it's always good to know more and compare. The investment in the cinema need how many money? What are the necessary conditions? Today, many investors are focused on these problems, small make up will explain to you. 1. First of all to consider the issues of website. There are many factors to decide. In several cities, both in the heart of the city or in the business district, investment cost will be greatly reduced. From the point of the rent, in general, every square metre 400 - second - and third-tier cities center RMB 800 / year is common price, about $4 million 5000 square meters of the cinema. 2. Theatre of process design, decoration, investors need to pay attention to the following: the layout of the DianYingTing should make full use of the existing limited space, and under the condition of the theater set up multiple theaters as much as possible. In general, it can be set in the small, small hall, giant curtain can be set to about 500 hall auditorium chair seat, and a small room can be set to about 80 to 100 seats. With the change during the show, the audience, you are free to switch to make full use of theater seats. Design layout: usually, the rectangle should be used. This layout for multiple hall is very simple, takes up the area is lesser, sound energy distribution uniformity. The cinema's aspect ratio must be strictly controlled in 1. 5±0. 2, otherwise the projection process design will be very limited. Screen: most modern movie the pursuit of large visual experience. Screen is bigger, the better, bring the audience more visual wallop. In a sense, the screen size determines the technological conditions of the theater. Because the volume for, DianYingTing, only after determine the proportion of the screen height to calculate the latest line of sight and viewpoint; Projector light flux and xenon lamp according to the proportion of the screen, and the average brightness, and the projection distance calculated. Power, can be used as a stereo field design. Hill: according to the film star rating standard issued by the quality inspection, the standard of sight high value should be not less than 300 px, realize clear line of sight design. This requirement is very important. In actual design, the line of sight of ideal shall be determined according to the height of screen the line of sight of the first line of sight. Under the condition of the building, the line of sight is not less than an average of 375 px. It can be designed to step on the ground, and from the front to the back gradually increase. This will help improve the audience's visual and auditory conditions directly. The audience not only completely unobstructed, audiences are more likely to be direct access to the main channel of direct sound, but also reduces the volume of the audience hall. In particular, many movie theater room, behind the hall area of several parallel space, can be used as a public place, Lounge, coffee shop, dining hall, corridor, etc. ) To increase the business district of the theater. Line spacing: the width of the line spacing not only affects the audience comfort, watching a movie and walking with audiences and evacuation is also very important. At present, the theater auditorium chairs have triggers and fixed type two kinds. Flip the auditorium chairs. Line spacing is set to 1. 00 m ~ 1。 10m。 Fixed the auditorium chair spacing should be 1. 15米~ 1。 25m。 Comfort is better than that of fixed auditorium chairs flip auditorium chairs. Both full and open stoping reverberation time of the audience, conditions of cinema use high-grade fixed auditorium chairs, the sound quality not only improves the cinema. It can further improve the level of the theatre. In addition, still should pay attention to, the fabric of auditorium chair should be made of fire retardant materials. Leather is typically used for VIP cinema, as well as remote control for the call center auditorium back of a chair. Other relatively cheap fabric, flannel, such as almost means comfort and durability, market prices - from 400 800 yuan. Other like sound insulation materials, steel, including carpet, sound insulation cotton, sound insulation brick, dragon, such as on the budget and need to combine the cinema of the steel frame size. Finally, let's talk about the most important part of high quality in the construction of film: projection equipment. Is mainly composed of four parts: screen, sound equipment, projectors, servers. Some of the latter three need related equipment, such as accessories. In general, a common theater, 6 ~ 10 meters projection system of about 350000 yuan, 10 - audio equipment 120000 yuan, nearly 20000 yuan RMB, the screen costs about 500000 yuan. General office equipment, the price will be higher, depending on the condition of the cinema. If you want to do a big screen, the price will be in the millions. Theatre can be considered as trustworthy professional theater building services company, integrators. But this part of the investment is the most fault, a little price, show quality is there. See here, the investor should preliminary understanding how to set up the cost of a theatre and general direction. To build a high quality of the cinema, the initial investment capital is tens of millions or even tens of millions of yuan. It usually takes a few years to recover the investment costs and profits. Investment risk is very big. Therefore, choose a professional theatre building service providers is particularly important, it can effectively help the theatre as much as possible to avoid risk in construction, make the theatre more initiative, for profit to lay the good foundation.
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