How to use the auditorium chair to decorate the auditorium

by:HONGJI     2020-11-25
Hall, conference room is to learn and carry out various activities, multi-functional public interior of the hall and to use feeling to conform to the public for range. Therefore, how to improve the quality of the auditorium of practical? Auditorium hall decoration used as an important part of its selection about all quality of the hall. Imagine if you walked into a building honourable gorgeous auditorium, interior decoration is a cheap, low grade seat auditorium chair, then you for liking this hall will be dramatically reduced. Therefore, choose a good quality of the auditorium chair is very important. Auspicious poly seat as brand manufacturer produces the auditorium chair, walked in the front of the professional. Auspicious seats in the high-end customer service, quality, customer first is always the auspicious together business philosophy of the seat. Auspicious seat auditorium chair divided into paragraphs paint plate and plastic shell. Plastic shell auditorium chair selects high quality material, a plastic injection molding, has, not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean protection features. Applies to the auditorium to decorate capital is not high, smaller hall and conference room. Paint plate auditorium chair price is higher compared with plastic shell, but choose the material is excellent, using the intimacy is stronger, the sense that gives a person sedate solid. Suitable for relatively tall halls and theatres, let the auditorium. If the search of a better use and visual beauty, so you need to cost some of idea on the row spacing and layout. Device auditorium chair slope gradient is not greater than 1:6, vertical and horizontal channels should not be less than 1. 2 meters, the audience hall area should be 0. 80 - 0. 60 square meters/seat, terraced row spacing should be appropriate increase on the ground, to the back of the chair behind a row of the most prominent part of the horizontal distance should not be less than zero. 50 meters. More complete auditorium reclined at the table, should set aside the disabled wheelchair seats should be 1. About 10 meters, width should be 0. 80 meters and convenient location should be disabled people sitting and evacuation, should also set the gm logo. Hall is decorated in, represents a significant proportion of the auditorium chair, so choose a suitable auditorium chair is particularly important, and auspicious gathering a seat is lucrative auditorium chair decorate case, efforts to bring customers the best quality service, if you seen city accer seats in the auditorium chair might as well choose and buy, they make a decision, accer seat won't let you down.
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