How to reduce the loss of auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-02
Auditorium chair now has been essential in our life, as is known to all, in the public places, such as conference rooms, a lot of time there is no way to pay attention to and prevent some people to sabotage the conference room facilities, such as the auditorium chair in the meeting room. The darkness of the environment provides a bold and destroy the bad guys. Therefore, through the strict management, maintain the damaged equipment in time, according to the audience to choose the appropriate auditorium chairs, can minimize damage rate. Of course, mainly for the adult audience to choose the auditorium chair and for young people choose the auditorium seats are quite different. If these issues more prominent in the conference room, with the following specifications of the auditorium chair helps reduce damage:

1, choice method post the steel or high strength plastic construction as chair of the back of a chair, so that you can withstand the impact of damage, cut or scratch. Aluminum strip edges can be further protection on the back of the chair.

2, in order to avoid damage to the auditorium chair armrest, should choose to hardwood or plastic armrest.

3, using the strength of cast iron or other material can withstand normal pressure and rude behavior.

4, to pay special attention to the choice of decorative fabrics. Of course, durability and solid quality of a material is very important, but they should also be easy to clean. Patterned fabric for repair. Patch than plain fabric is not obvious. Avoid loose fabric, because the fabric is easy to fluff.

5, considering molding plastic poly acid milk foam pad can firmly adhere to the spring, the auditorium chair can reduce the damage of peristalsis of the audience, and is more comfortable than ordinary cushion to sit on.

6, using automatic folding chairs, must hold the hinge in is not easy to remove.
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