How to promote the auditorium chair value hierarchy method

by:HONGJI     2020-12-01
Small ideas, big value, some good ideas, not only can improve the taste of products, increase the value of the products, but also beautify the life, improve the level. Creativity is infinite in three aspects. First of all, it reflects the unlimited creativity. Second, it reflects the creativity of infinite value. A little creativity can bring immeasurable value. Third, it reflects the creativity of the infinite development, through the creative promoted the auditorium chairs. Creative auditorium chair supplies is the auditorium chair lift style, structure and function, which in more advanced cases electric auditorium chairs. They are in terms of quality, design style and colour collocation is unique. Combined with the modern science and technology, the traditional fixed auditorium chair more dynamic. By gently pressure, auditorium chairs will be a comfortable chair and multipurpose. 。 In many cases, the auditorium seats with sofa cushion, convenient field personnel evacuation, evacuation by reversible structure. Seat is considered to be numbered and local lighting facilities in the darkness, to facilitate users to identify and looking for action. According to the design requirements of using occasions, auditorium seats should be placed the file and writing board for record. In some special circumstances, would consider using translation equipment, voting, and speech function. Some theaters and auditorium chairs and air conditioning system is needed. Sitting in this action, is the most common in our daily life, occupies a large part of people's life, it is an important basic needs of people, is a food and clothing live line. Statistics show that industrialized countries sitting two thirds of the work is work, which makes the research and design the seat widely welcomed by the public. But in our country, we are not really good personalized service. The auditorium chair design. Public seating at its most basic comfort, reasonable function, safety and efficiency seems to be beyond the form of beauty. Bad design often leads to people using the auditorium chair on the shoulder and lumbar disease. Therefore, in order to pursue a more appropriate form, the designer must take into account the structure of the human body, the size of the human body and public seating user personalization of materials.
shrine auditorium seating auditorium theater seating chart is generally used to miller auditorium seating.
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