How to promote the auditorium chair value hierarchy method

by:HONGJI     2020-12-01
Small ideas, great value, some good ideas can not only improve product taste, increase the value of the products, but also beautify the life, level of ascension. Creative is embodied in three aspects, one is reflected the creative field of infinite, 2 it is to reflect the value of unlimited creativity, small ideas can bring invaluable, three is infinite embody the creative development, to enhance the value of the auditorium chair level. Creative auditorium chair supplies is lifted the auditorium chair style, structure and function, etc. , which are advanced to electric auditorium chairs, from quality to color matching are unique design style, combined with modern science and technology, the traditional will not move the auditorium chair becomes more dynamic, and slightly press will turn into a comfortable chair, auditorium chair one content is multi-purpose. In many cases, the auditorium chair is the sofa cushion, convenient in personnel evacuation 'clock when adopting reversible structure. Seat considered as local lighting facilities, and the serial number of the dark to facilitate users to identify and find work. In according to the requirements of application design, auditorium seats need to place the files and records for writing board, in some special occasions will consider using translation equipment and vote, speak, and other functions, the combination of part of the theatre and the synagogue would require seat and combined air conditioning system. Take this actions, one of the most common in our daily life, occupies a large part of people's life, it is food, clothing, housing, as an important basic human needs. Statistics show that in industrialized countries, two-thirds of the work is sitting on the work, make the public widely appreciated study design chair. But they don't value in our country, not many people really good personalized service of auditorium chair design, chairs the public seems beyond the form of beauty in its most basic comfort, function and reasonable, safe, efficient. Good design is often to use the auditorium chair of shoulder, lumbar vulnerable to diseases. So to seek a more appropriate form, for the structure of the human body, human body measure and material to the public chair user personalization, designers must consider the problem.
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