How to judge whether the auditorium chair of environmental protection?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-25
The auditorium chair industry is a traditional manufacturing. With the change of the modern way of life and the improvement of living standards, in addition to the function of the tables and chairs, and people more and more high to the requirement of desks and chairs. In addition to technical quality requirements, tables and chairs also need to meet environmental requirements and contribute to a healthy body. So how do you determine whether the auditorium chair of environmental protection? Environmental auditorium chair should have the following characteristics: 1. Green auditorium chair design: the human body engineering, satisfy consumers' functional requirements, science, and reduce redundant functions, and not on condition of normal and abnormal use an adverse effect on the human body. 2. Green auditorium chair materials: follow the principle of green r 3 or 4 r ( Reduce reuse, reuse and recycle resources) , comply with relevant standards, the material itself does not contain harmful substances, no pollution, no release harmful gas, realize each furniture material, naturalization, curing and green. At present, when buying the auditorium chair need to pay attention to three aspects, including safety and quality and price. Security is another important part. Parents want their children to grow up in healthy and safe learning environment. Naturally to ensure the health and safety of our products have become inevitable. However, for a long time, many schools ignore the importance of product quality, to pursue the economic costs. However, with the improvement of school level and national attention, how to buy advanced desks and chairs has become an urgent concern for school.
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