How to extend luxury auditorium theater chair warranty?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. regards furniture solutions as the hallmark. Get info! The Brand HONGJI Created by HongJi Has a History of Years HongJi's public seatings has better quality than other products in the industry, which is specifically shown in the following aspects. HongJi could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.

Role of reverse osmosis pre-security filter Mechanical filter is the principle of quartz sand filter in reverse osmosis,Raw water is passing through a mechanical filter,Place 12-in security filter-24 fine quartz sand,The suspended impurities such as flocculation and rust in raw water were trapped in the process.Because the mechanical filter intercepts a large amount of suspended impurities in the work,In order to ensure the normal operation of the security filter,The filter must be washed and backwashed regularly.The treatment is to use the FRP material (FRP material) container.The manual controller is used to effectively control the reverse washing operation of mechanical filters,The filter should be cleaned once a day,Cleaning time is 10-20 minutes.For the process treatment of the security filter reverse osmosis pure water system, raw water is required to be processed before entering the reverse osmosis membrane through various filters,Its security filter is a filter between sand filter (coarse filter) a

How do you have a lot of white powder under the boiling water after filtering with a water filter? At present, the household water purifier on the market is mainly divided into two types: pure water type water purifier and ultra-filtration water purifier. Due to the high filtering accuracy of the pure water machine (this type of machine needs to use electricity), the harmful substances and trace elements in the filtered water are filtered out. The UF model retains calcium, magnesium ions and trace elements in the water while filtering harmful substances. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water will be oxidized and reduced with the continuous increase of temperature, forming white crystals. this is an oxidation and reduction phenomenon, not impurities in the water. (This happens if boiled water is boiled with mineral water ). Therefore, the landlord can use it safely. Personal advice, generally do not make tea, it is best not to boil the water, warm to the body temperature is close. (In this way, calcium a
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