How to effectively reduce the damage of auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-12-01
As is known to all, in the public places, such as conference rooms, many cases are straight can't pay attention to and discourage some people within the chamber on the deliberate destruction of facilities such as the auditorium chair, dark supply bad bold on to destroy the favorable factors. To this end, after a rigorous management and timely repair of damaged facilities and its object according to the audience choose the suitable for auditorium chairs can make loss rate reduced to the minimum limit. Natural mainly choose the auditorium chair for an adult audience, and for young people selected Peng auditorium chairs have very big difference. Any obvious hall of this kind of problem, use the following types of auditorium chair helps reduce damage: a, adopts the method of post the steel back of a chair, or high toughness plastic structure do benefit to withstand caused by impact, such as cutting or scratching damage. Aluminum strip edge to edge on the back of a chair to provide further protection. Second, to prevent the decoration chair armrest, the hardwood or to use the auditorium chair plastic armrest. Three, the strength of the application or the rest of the cast iron materials, can under normal pressure and violent behavior. Four, be very careful packaging material selection, durable and solid quality of a material is the key, of course, but also is beneficial to clean up. Patterned fabrics for repair. Patches were compared with the ordinary plain fabric to less conspicuous. Prevent the application of loose material, this is because they are relatively easy to pilling. Five, fully considering the molded plastic polyamine cheese foam seat cushion can firmly stick on spring, so this kind of auditorium chair can reduce damage, because the audience movement and sit on it than ordinary plate mat theater seats are comfortable. Six, using the auditorium chair when the key is, should be the part of the hinge are not easy to remove.
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