How to do the maintenance of auditorium chair

by:HONGJI     2020-12-02
Seats according to their classification, divided into: the auditorium chair, cinema chair, theater chair waiting chairs, desks and chairs, etc. All kinds of chair to its using life extension, must pay attention to its use and maintenance method. Auditorium chair, cinema chair cleaning up more trouble, delay time, so what's the good maintenance of the auditorium chair, cinema chair? Methods/processes: 1. Chair for different fabrics have different maintenance methods, cloth chair face when touch dirt, as long as quietly racket to or vacuum suction, clean, with granular, usable soft light brush brush smooth sailing. If drinking water stained to exist when, can use first hand paper towels absorb moisture, neutral detergent with warm water scrub scrub quietly, then use clean cloth blot moisture. Low temperature drying. 2. If be leather chair, with a soft dry cloth to scrub, must not let chemicals such as oil or alcohol diluent on the chair, otherwise it will lead to the appearance of the chair and leather metamorphism. Use warm water diluted neutral detergent ( 1﹪~3﹪) First wash, and then to twist dry clean dishcloth to clean fluid, with dry cloth to polish finally, make its natural dry. To be completely dry before using the right amount of leather care agent evenly is swabbed can. 3. Seat the appearance of film coating, not only to have the furniture decorate and beautify the appearance effect, more important is to maintain the chair appearance, so should be regularly to glazing clean chair exterior paint film, generally for three months time, using soft wet towel to wipe the chair first appearance of the dust and dirt, after being looks a bit dry, with furniture wax or polishing liquid wax swab quietly chair appearance. 4. For wood raw material, be brief, with a soft wet cloth. Just in the process of ordinary people to use, to pay more attention to prompt people to try to prevent beverage, chemicals or overheating object placed on the appearance, so as not to damage the appearance of natural wood color. At the same time should be to prevent the appearance of wood in order not to damage the natural light leather very strong absorption, antifouling should pay attention to, should not use excitant detergent. 5. Aluminum alloy material in appearance treatment can be divided into four kinds, electroplating, polishing and processing of the lacquer that bake, etc. Appearance treatment by electroplating, anode and the lacquer that bake, maintenance is relatively simple, usually with cleaner with cotton cloth is swabbed can. The latter aluminum polishing treatment because of the relatively short oxidation, maintain the normal available cleaner cloth is swabbed can. Such as oxidizing, aluminium alloy can be applied to special care product to scrub a quarterly, chromium plating chromium plating raw material in the aspect of maintenance is very brief, use cleaner cloth is swabbed can polish. 6. Back, armrest and seat aperture can use vacuum cleaner at the junction of clutter. But when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, in case of damage to the textile cloth woven wire cloth and made loose, more to prevent catastrophic suction to suck, the move may cause the knit line to break, it's ok to consider use small vacuum cleaner to clean.
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