How to correctly choose the right auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-30
The auditorium chair is commonly used in the theater, conference rooms and halls. A good auditorium chairs have different comfort, give a person different feelings. So, how should we choose and buy is suitable for our own auditorium chair? We should from what respect to choose and buy the auditorium chair? Today, the auditorium chair manufacturers, would like to share with you how to select and purchase the auditorium chair, let's take a look at. One is the auditorium chair backrest comfort and safety. Some of the back of the chair is loose, slight shaking can cause noise. The chair is not only easy to damage, and there is potential safety hazard. Backrest height is according to the different regions of fine-tuning and style. The second is the best posture of auditorium chair, the three central principle is 90 degrees, thigh Angle between 90 degrees to 100 degrees, upper thigh Angle between 90 degrees to 100 degrees, in order to keep the Angle of the upper arm and lower arm between 90 and 100 degrees. The third is the auditorium chair cushion. The cost of cushion is relatively high. General auditorium chair use high-density rubber cushion, hob, coil spring and the shock absorber of reusable air pole ( Manufacturer will use thin steel + + shock absorber instead of board, cost savings, but sit feeling and use time is a bit poor) 。 Cushion thickness is very thick, general hall has a concave curve. Fourth, the audience seating area stability, material selection and the importance of good product generally adopt standard thickness of steel or aluminum alloy material, and the difference is using common engineering plastics, thin steel plate after use. These selected from several aspects the matters needing attention of auditorium chair. If there is any unclear question consult our customer service, want to know more about the auditorium chair knowledge can focus on our website.
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