How to correct the cleaning and maintenance of the auditorium chair?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-30
The auditorium chair clean more troublesome, also delayed the time, so how to correct cleaning and maintenance the auditorium chair? Chair in different fabrics have different maintenance methods. When the auditorium chair fabric surface is stained with dust, just use a vacuum cleaner or cleaning, gently when stained with granular objects, can use soft brush smoothly and gently scrub, if stained with potable water shaped object, can use towel first suction, and neutral detergent wipe gently with warm water, then use clean cloth water absorption, low temperature drying. The auditorium chairs, and other general leather chair surface with a clean soft cloth gently wipe the surface of the leather chair to maintain. Also can use neuter cleaner is wiped, don't scrub, can make the surface more beautiful like new. If the dirt for a long time, the ideal cleaning method is to use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water first 1% - 3%) To wipe, then use screw twist dry cloth to wipe clean water fluid, reoccupy does cloth to burnish, dry reoccupy after proper uniform leather care agent to wipe. Stainless steel covered in dirt, auditorium chair available skim oil is wiped. Also provides special stainless steel maintenance products on the market. When a seat, if there is abnormal sound, can pass around the shaft contact or spring spraying lubricant to eliminate the abnormal sound. A wheelchair on the ground friction, easy to dust pollution. Must regularly clear the debris on the wheel, wheel and use the spray protection, to ensure smooth sliding of wheel. For surface treatment of aluminum alloy material of auditorium chair can be divided into plating, polishing, and four types of paint processing. Surface treatment by electroplating, anode and the lacquer that bake, maintenance is relatively simple, usually just used cotton cloth to wipe clean can. The latter through polishing processing, easy oxidation, cleaner available dishcloth during maintenance. Such as oxidizing, can buy aluminium alloy special maintain article, once every quarter to wipe.
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