How to adjust the auditorium chair can meet the needs of the public?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-30
The auditorium chair industry is a traditional manufacturing. With the change of the modern way of life and the improvement of living standards, people more and more high to the requirement of the auditorium chairs. In addition to the auditorium chair technical quality requirements, should also meet the environmental requirements, realize the health benefits. So, how to adjust the auditorium chair can meet the needs of the public?

visual height: close your eyes, and then gradually opened his eyes, only to see stage or in front of the auditorium chair too high or too low will make people uncomfortable, need to make appropriate adjustments in the auditorium chair at this moment, in order to reduce the neck muscle tension.

back: when you feel tired, don't curled up in the auditorium chair. This will add to the lower back and the intervertebral disc pressure. Hips close to the back of the chair, chair of the chair in the hall on a cushion for leaning on, make it a little bit in zigzag, so that when you're tired, your body won't shrink into a ball, to minimize the burden will you back.

leg and stomach: in the case of hips close to the auditorium chair back, try to make a fist can cross the legs and the back of the stomach and the space between the auditorium chair of the chair. If you do not easy, the auditorium chair is too deep. You need to adjust the auditorium chair backrest forward, pad a mat or in a auditorium chair.

the thigh: check whether the fingers can front-end free sliding on the thighs and the auditorium chair. If the space is too tight, you need to add a adjustable shelf feet to support the thigh. If your thighs and between the front of the auditorium chair has a finger width, so the height of the auditorium chair should be improved.

the elbow: on the premise of sitting comfortable, adjust the height of the armrest, the upper arm in arm slightly raised.
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