How soft seat auditorium chair fabric wash?

by:HONGJI     2020-11-05
The auditorium chair sofa chair is tilted. If abnormal voice, you can use the lubricant spray in a joint or around spring shaft to eliminate noise. The friction wear and tear of dust on wheelchair. It is necessary to dismantle the tire body, regularly and use spray protection wheel chair, chair slide more smoothly. Different fabrics can also be used for different fabrics. When the fabric chair stained by dust, can use the vacuum cleaner dust absorption. It can be dyed with granular object, gently scrub with a soft brush. If you are entering the potable water, you can wipe the paper towel first, cleaner is wiped gently with warm water, wipe gently, and then use clean cloth to wipe the water. The auditorium chair, theater chair, leather chair surface general maintenance, only with a clean soft cloth gently wipe the leather surface. You can also use neutral cleaning fluid to clean, do not scratch, can make the surface more beautiful and novel. If long-term dirt, it is best to water dilute neutral detergent ( 1% ~ 3%) Water, then wipe, then wipe wipe clean fluid, with dry cloth to polish finally, until the whole was dry, and then use the right amount of leather repair agent can even wipe. Stainless steel floor auditorium chair is stained with besmirch, can be used to wipe the grease. Also sell stainless steel special care products on the market. Aluminum alloy can be classified into four types of surface treatment, electroplating, polishing and painting processing. Surface treatment, electroplating anode and the paint processing, maintenance is simple, in detail: the auditorium chair actually can adjust the structure of many, usually just use clean detergent with cotton cloth to wipe. The latter aluminum alloy polishing processing more easily oxidized, and can usually with detergent to wipe cloth during maintenance. If can buy oxidation, can each quarter to wipe a professional maintenance aluminum care products. Chrome material is easy to maintenance and use of the auditorium chair fabric maintenance of cleaning and maintenance experience can be used to clean bright and shiny fabric.
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