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What about algae in a fish tank? After a period of time, the fish tank will definitely produce algae,This kind of algae is different from those brought in by aquatic plants,It is mainly green algae and brown algae.Too much algae will affect the photosynthesis of plants,Attached to the wall of the tank, it also has adverse effects on the fish.The main reason for algae formation is due to organic matter in the cylinder,So as long as there is snacks,If you have fish, you will have algae,How much,Is an unavoidable phenomenon.Here are a few common ways to remove too many algae.To put it simply, take the brush to brush,Magnet brush sold on the market,The fish cylinder brush is very easy to use,And at the same time,Excellent results.The disadvantage is trouble,Corners and other places are not easy to clear,And often do the whole cylinder of chicken flying dog jump,More than one cylinder is a big project.Using algae remover,The effect is ordinary,The advantage is that it works for any algae,It can e

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High pressure difference on both sides of precision filter Check whether the filter element accuracy is the same as the filter requirements. the general filter will have pressure loss, but it will not be too large. Precision filter pressure is only provided by booster pump, and it doesn't matter with high pressure pump
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