How is the quality of conference chairs ?
School desk suppliers is the sustainable development dream in HONGJI. Get info! The Brand HONGJI Created by GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. Has a History of Years HongJi's theater chairs has better quality than other products in the industry, which is specifically shown in the following aspects. HongJi could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.

I would like to ask if the filter funnel is a glass instrument? Yes.Funnel is an indispensable instrument in filtration experiment.When filtering,Filter paper to be loaded in the funnel.If in the laboratory, as long as there is a reaction to the glass in the item that is not in contact with it, it is made of glass.Liquid separation funnel, triangular funnel (I .e. filter funnel), safety funnel, long neck funnel are all glass instruments, but the instrument of the glass material of porcelain is called glass instrument.A large number of glass instruments are used in the laboratory,Because the glass has high chemical stability and thermal stability,Good transparency, certain mechanical strength and good insulation.

What is the general accuracy of the filter element of lubricating oil? A. the general equipment category is guaranteed for one year, and the filter is no exception! The service life of the filter has a great relationship with the working conditions of the filter! Such as: working pressure, temperature, chemical properties of filter media, and the environment on the same side (whether the sun, rain and air still contain corrosive or water) are all related, stainless steel 304 filter but under normal circumstances in ten years or so no problem. B. the replacement cycle of the filter element is accurately stated at pressure resistance 0. in the case of 3MPa, it is basically out of material. at this time, the filter element should be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the filter. the more impurities in the filter medium, the faster the filter element will be changed! Generally, the filter medium is based on tap water. it is calculated by filtering for ten hours a day. The Filter core has
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