How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
Is the Y-type filter a pipe fitting? The Y-type filter is generally installed in the front of the water pump to protect the water pump. it is a very thick filter method for stainless steel mesh holes. the mesh holes are more than 1-2mm, the price is cheap, and the workmanship is rough, automatic backwashing is not possible. generally, it is mainly to intercept the leaks of fillers or other debris in the water system, especially when the water system is technically modified or cleaned, there will be large debris. For the protection of water pumps, there is no actual filter effect. in the filter industry, it belongs to a very low-end filter, which can almost be ignored. Many sites have not been opened in year 56. In theory, as long as the water system is cleaned up, it needs to be opened to see if debris is intercepted, otherwise it will affect the flow rate and flow rate of the sound water. If the water system has not moved, it is generally not necessary to open the cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, it does

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What are the requirements for the filter material? The requirements are as follows:1) have enough mechanical strength to avoid wear and tear during Flushing;2) it is necessary to have sufficient chemical stability and cannot be dissolved in water. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the filtered water quality. The filter material can not release other harmful substances into the water;3) cheap price, sufficient supply, can be based on local materials;4) there must be a certain level and void ratio. Filter materials for different purposes are different. The smaller the particles, the higher the accuracy, the better the effluent.
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