How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. insists on providing customers with reasonable solutions according to their actual needs. HongJi's waiting room chairs can be used in a variety of situations. HongJi has high-precision production equipment, electronic numerical control production system, and strict quality inspection system. We make sure that classroom furniture are of high quality and exquisite style. We are sincerely looking forward to establishing long-term partnerships with all customers! HongJi's waiting room chairs series include multiple types.

Excuse me, is the cold container a pressure vessel? You can't get an answer to this question. is the pressure vessel not looking at the name of the equipment? to judge whether a device is a pressure vessel, the following two points should be met at the same time: 1. the working pressure (also known as the operating pressure) is greater than 0. 1Mpa, 2. the medium is gas, liquefied gas, or liquid with a temperature higher than the standard boiling point. do you know how to judge it? For example, a container, the medium is filled with water, and the working pressure is 0 if the working temperature is 80 °C. 6Mpa, it is not a pressure vessel, because it has no gas in it and is less than 100 °. it is not a pressure vessel. if the water is not filled and there is gas phase space on it, it is a pressure vessel, if it is full of water and the working temperature is higher than 100 °C, it is also a pressure vessel, so you can't get an answer if you ask a device name is a pressure vessel. you ask, it can only be said

How to choose the central industrial dust suction system, the central dust suction system, the Industrial 1. PLC and large size 10 are used.4-inch color human-machine interface touch panel,Easy to understand,Good operation;2. display various settings in writing,Operation and operation status;3. take time to clear the pipe with the material pipe,Automatic switching of the Central feeding host A and B of the dust collection and the function of manual material selection and error prevention;4. add a raw material control screen,Monitor the abnormal phenomena of raw materials, suction materials, missing materials and central main machines (Motors) used in each molding machine.1. the motor does not stop the design,To avoid frequent start of the motor,Causing wear and tear;2. with safety pressure relief valve,When the host motor pressure is too large,Overload of safety setting value,Fully automatic pressure relief valve to protect the motor;3. the Two A and B supply hosts alternate,And autom
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