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How to configure 6 tons of reverse osmosis host? How to do the graduation design of the water treatment project, the topic I did is water treatment, the original water treatment into pure water, secondary reverse osmosis can be. at present, there is no clue. I hope the master can provide me with a catalogue. it is better to have the format of the whole paper. and general direction of thinking. or learn from the information. detailed points !! The process flow of this level 2 RO system of 10 tons, the original water tank, →, the original water pump, →, quartz sand filter, →, activated carbon filter, → scale and scale dosing system →, precision filter, →, reverse osmosis, →, secondary reverse osmosis, →, pure water tank, →, pure water pump, →, sterilization system →, water point, Process Description 1. original water tank: the function of the original water tank is to store raw water, provide stable water source for follow-up equipment. The system has 1 original water tank with a volume of 10m3 and PE material.

GuangDong Longjiang HongJi Seating Co.,LTD. provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. HongJi's theater chairs is widely used in the Manufacturing Furniture industry. HongJi's strong design capability ensures the diversity of classroom furniture. Besides, the advanced production equipment can guarantee the high quality of products. HongJi's products are of high quality and great safety. Besides, they are packed tightly and shockproof. Customers can rest assured to purchase the products. You are warmly welcome to contact us for details. public seatings is the main product of we. It is diverse in variety.

What filter material is good for sea water? The filter materials used in the biological filter box are biological balls, porous glass ceramic rings, ceramic columns, etc. it is mainly ammonia and nitrite in the filter water. it is the life activity of using nitrobacteria, convert ammonia and nitrite dissolved in water into nitrate and nitrogen that are harmless to fish, which is a deeper filtration of seawater and a third filtration of seawater | In marine fish aquarium, there are many filter materials used, including activated carbon, coral sand, sponge, etc., biological balls, porous glass ceramic rings, ceramic columns, etc.Biological ball is a hollow sphere made of plastic material, which has a large surface area and can attach a large number of nitrobacteria.When the water flows through, there will be no resistance. the hollow structure can turn the water into a fine flow and break the large piece of dirt. the filtration effect is excellent.Due to the light weight and convenient carrying of biological
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