Guangdong auditorium chair at the same time with nobility and grave feeling _ _

by:HONGJI     2020-11-27
We in guangdong auditorium chair of choose and buy, not only requires high quality, sturdy. If it is pure wood furniture, it needs to pay attention to moisture, generally less than 12% moisture content, choose and buy when also notice the cohesive structure should choose makings joggle structure rather than a nail gun. Office furniture must be honest and straightforward, the diagonal must agree, ground to a smooth, hardware component to be strong, open the door and drawer components such as sensitive to compare. Leather office furniture the appearance must be smooth, no bubbles, no crack and flat-fell seam is tight. The style and the style need to consistent and harmonious, and a shift in the details. The auditorium chair life each kind of colour has its peculiar language, it will be to your colleagues or clients conveys a certain psychological information. Such as black can give a person a kind of loneliness, but also has a sense of dignity and solemn, brown will give people a feeling of old constant autumn, but using different concentrations of brown, not old dull, still can produce a kind of elegant feeling, red big powder will be too make public, if it is a quiet cold tonal collocation, then can show young and lively, the white taupe too plain and neat, warm color attune is easier to expose the feeling of elegance. Moreover further, lavender sky blue can give a person a kind of quiet feeling, magenta with sapphire blue makes people feel lively, it match which will appear elegant color collocation, etc. Lighting lighting is a basic necessary conditions of the auditorium, randomness of TV meeting time, so indoor artificial cold light source, should be used to avoid natural light. Hall doors and Windows are commonly use dark curtain shade. Time without adverse effects to the human eye. Above is the small make up about guangdong auditorium chair, cinema chair and the summary of the ladder desks and chairs, hope can help to you!
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