Function of auditorium chair design value

by:HONGJI     2020-12-03
Planning is a system of public auditorium chair homework, also depends on the larger system. We should change the auditorium chair of the planning idea, limited to a brief understanding of the techniques and method or piece of furniture planning. On the contrary, the planning of public auditorium chairs, such as the auditorium chair, cinema chair, desks and chairs and other public seats should be included in the system operation. Planning should also be gradually from physical guidance center of steering system, environment such as electric theater chairs, desks and chairs. The environment refers to all around it, can be a product identity and value. In theater chairs, auditorium chairs and desks and chairs in the planning process, not only to understand their own physical sense, but also as a system, as a new system of environment system more to enhance our understanding. From the system of business process, function and contact, we are always concerned about the environment between the environment and promote each other, interact and restrict each other. Although cinema chairs, auditorium chairs and the desks and chairs is also a kind of furniture, as a general furniture special furniture, not in accordance with the general furniture planning method. General furniture is usually for family planning, considering all the use, school desks and chairs and public seating, theater chair and auditorium chair must be taken into account in the larger range.
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