From three aspects to decide whether you buy the auditorium chair content

by:HONGJI     2020-12-04
One, to understand the auditorium chair inspection standards: 1, the appearance of the seat size according to Q/SGO2 - 98 regulations or contracts and figure of qualifying for testing. 2, after assembly seats look neat, symmetrical, fabrics, soft bag, plastic spraying, paint, plastic shell no obvious defects such as leakage. 3, seat flip noise is small, single chair below 15 db, seat spring moderate, suitable springback process. 4, reversible plate flexible, strong and no obvious obstacles, planar adjustable, slope. 5, universal wheel lifting activities feet, the whole chair driving direction. 6, writing board, tea table plate installation, flip flexible, flat Angle. 7, all kinds of fasteners, such as rubber reasonable use, installation is firm. Second, auditorium chair seat and back are generally made of linen velvet or leather, then we are going to learn how to distinguish the true and false of leather, the advantages and disadvantages: identification method: factory leather, all have clear source, published producer, tanneries, leather test table, leather use basic information, such as the power of attorney, be short of one cannot. Volume label law: is leather factory, will be marked on the back the manufacturing date, name of leather factory area, etc. ( The manufacturing date shoulds not be too long, more than 3 years of leather should be paid attention to the presence of moldy phenomenon) 。 Watch law: under 30 x microscope, is visible to the leather looks like the surface of the moon, hole hole hole, its permeability is preferred. Visible in the blade cut leather, leather from outer layer to inner layer color must be consistent. Note below the outer layer is there a different color, can avoid to buy or breathing second-hand leather dyeing. Smell method: good leather and should not have pungent smell after processing, so much of solvent odor and coating is not good. Heat resistant method: best with the manufacturer for a small piece of leather material, with cigarette butts touch hot samples up to 2 ~ 3 seconds, can avoid to buy PU products, burning with lighter due to the large contact area, so the time should be extended. Wipe method: to soiled oil is wiped the leather surface, pay attention to whether fade and fall off phenomenon, can avoid to buy two natural leather. Three, we come to know the structure of the auditorium chair and materials: 1, the back of the chair, chair seat plate, using high density hardwood sandwich plate, mold cold pressing molding, surface for quality ju wood skin, polished, batch of gray processing, using sun brand PE transparent bottom oil base, guangdong again burnish, color ( The walnut color or beech wood) 。 The final surface spray layer ( Dumb light, the light) Surface oil, with 100 ww sun drying, environmental protection, do not fade, anti form, beautiful and easy, plate use drilling machine has 143 10 mm diameter hole, easy to cool. 2, foot frame, aluminum alloy material, the injection mold injection molding. Thickness of 35 mm, black plastic powder spray surface. After electrostatic treatment, convex polished burnish, successively with sand sand 80 #, 180 #, 320 # sand, hemp wheel fine buffing cloth wheel light, never oxidation, five gong wire hole is drilled on the foot, facilitate adjustment of the chair lift height, and according to different site ( The ground level slope) Make corresponding technical processing. Facilitate the construction site, seated to comfort. 3, the structure of the chair: the reinforced connection structure, equipped with strengthening horizontal pipe, between the two dorsal horn yards behind the package is equipped with shockproof rubber gasket, make back seat in the external force and force point collides sponge, no longer and is more durable, stronger, more comfortable.
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