Five tips to help you choose the auditorium chair quality is excellent

by:HONGJI     2020-12-05
Auditorium chair in our life now is finding wider and wider application, large meeting rooms, schools and government auditorium, large-scale song and dance theatre cannot leave it, how to choose and buy good quality auditorium chair has become a top priority, the following interpretation of the five skills, help you select the auditorium chair quality is excellent. 1, the surface material should be thicker, durable, friction doesn't hit the ball, jump line. Sofa fabric is divided into two kinds of domestic and imported. Europe and the United States of professional manufacturer production chair fabrics, quality excellent, the color difference is small, high color fastness, without skew. Especially some high-grade fabric with special surface treatment, improve the ability of anti-fouling. Imports of high-grade fabrics also have antistatic, flame retardant function. The structure of 2, auditorium chair plays a decisive role. Auditorium chair frame structure, firm structure and reasonable design will directly affect the quality and service functions of the chair. Therefore, when choosing the seat, the first to see whether the whole structure is firm, whether is loose, whether accord with human body engineering in design. 3, internal padding is very important, padding is tight, smooth and straight all blah. What is more important to examine two armrest, the joint of the seat and back of a chair for fold. When buy, can sit in the auditorium chair experience is stable, whether reasonable, whether comfortable. The quality of the elastic material directly affects the comfort and service life of sofa. Therefore, elastic material should be strong compressive resistance, good elasticity and high density. Auditorium chair when the choose and buy, in addition to sit down and experience the feeling, people can ask enterprises to related introduction, to ensure product quality. 4, the style of auditorium chair and the adornment style of whole space environment coordinated, color harmony and pleasing to the eye. 5, when choosing the auditorium chair, auditorium chair manufacturer should choose brand, to ensure product quality and after-sales service.
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