Does lecture theatre seating have warranty period?
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Leak detection process of efficient filter Determine whether there is a clear leakage in the efficient filter itself and its installation,It is mainly to test the following places on the spot: Air Supply static pressure box body, high efficiency filter element and sealing pad.1,In order for the concentration of the aerosol to reach the efficient filter to be uniform,A certain concentration of aerosol can be introduced directly from the negative pressure side of the system fan,If you want to introduce it from the air duct,Double the diameter of the air duct is introduced and the bend is minimized. in the process of leak detection, attention should be paid to keeping this mass concentration stable.2,Initialization according to the operation requirements of the aerosol spectrometer.Connect the sampling tube of the equipment with the sampling port on the high efficiency filter static pressure box,The concentration of upstream aerosol was measured.Adjust the occurring aerosol concentration accor

Selection of air filters for central air conditioning Under normal circumstances,At the last level, the air filter of the central air conditioner determines the degree of air purification,The upstream filters at all levels only play a protective role,It protects the lower wind end filter to extend its service life,Or protect the air conditioning system to ensure it works properly.Air conditioning design,The efficiency of the final central air-conditioning air filter should be first determined according to the user's cleaning requirements,Then,Select the filter that plays a protective role,If this filter is also protected,Then add a filter on its upper end.The filters that play a protective role are collectively referred to as 'pre-filters '.The efficiency of central air-conditioning air filters at all levels should be properly matched.If the efficiency specification of the adjacent two-stage filter is too different,Then the previous level does not play the role of the post-protection level;If the differ
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