Customers should pay attention to when the choose and buy the auditorium chair that several aspects

by:HONGJI     2020-11-28
In order to win customers and the quality of product in order to win the trust of customers and the quality of product value, some auditorium chair brand with quality for ten years, twenty years, and even the standard of life quality. Businesses can hit this banner, to do? The answer is to do. May these type life quality, it is on the basis of certain conditions. Such as in the case of you is the quality problem, but the auditorium chair is not back in, it is surfacing process, a lot of improper use, the shop is a problem, even after the maintenance problems, merchants will not give you the warranty at this time, must be paid. Consumers don't like, but the businessman said, 'I confirmed the quality problems. So this is false advertising, in fact, and there is no guarantee. To this, the consumer must polish eyes, avoid being deceived. In view of the auditorium chair product quality the good and bad are intermingled, so consumers in the process of choose and buy should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Surface material should be thick, durable, and can't afford to friction ball, jump line. Sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported, Europe and the United States dedicated professional manufacturer produces, chair fabrics are of good quality, color, high color fastness, fabric without skew, especially some high-grade fabrics in order to improve the anti-fouling ability, also has carried on the special surface treatment. Imports of high-grade fabric also has the function such as antistatic, flame retardant 2. The structure of auditorium chair plays a decisive role. The auditorium chair frame structure, the structure of solid Angle and design the reasonable will directly affect the quality of the chair and use function, so choose the auditorium chair first depends on whether the overall structure and firm, whether there is loose, whether in design accord with human body engineering, 3. Internal padding, and all the piece goods are close to, it is very important to smooth, crisp, two armrest and seat, back attaches more carefully check whether gathers. When the choose and buy can feel whether it is smooth, sitting in a chair Angle is reasonable, whether with comfort. The quality of the elastic material affects the sofa is comfortable and service life. Therefore, elastic material that strong pressure resistance, good elasticity, high density, except try sit feeling when people choose and buy, can be introduced for the related instructions to the enterprise, in order to ensure product quality. 4. Auditorium chairs the decorate tonal have contrast color and screens, and screens that is to say, to the overall color coordination
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